Recommended Books

Steve recommends: Killing Lincoln: The Shocking Assassination that Changed America Forever

by Bill O’Reilly
ISBN: 0805093079, Hardcover- $15.35 BUY

Craig recommends: God Knows My Size!

by Harvey Yoder
ISBN: 1885270143 , Paperback- $10.99 BUY

Is there really a God? 
This is the question 13-year-old Silvia faced. Her teachers laughed at the mere idea of God. Yet her parents and pastor not only believed in God, but served Him devotedly. Which of them was right? 

So Silvia decided to find out for herself if God was real. She asked Him for three things – a pair of shoes, a sweater, and a coat. For a large, poor, Christian family in communist Romania, these things were almost impossible to buy. How could she expect a miracle? 

But it happened! God answered her prayer in a way far more beautiful than she expected! And the truth He showed her then sustained her years later as she faced persecution and even prison for Christ’s sake. 

Read Silvia’s story, and you will find yourself challenged by the faith and dedication of Christians behind the Iron Curtain. You will share in the sorrows and triumphs Silvia faced as she served her beloved Lord with all her heart. And through it all, you’ll discover the loving, personal care God shows to all of His children. 

Read this book and find your faith in God strengthened.